Friday, 24 September 2010


Just a short post today. Off out tonight to a friend's house for her brothers 19th party. It'll be nice to have a few drinks and catch up even if I am at work at 9 in the morning. YES, you heard correctly, I finally got a job. So it's my first day tomorrow and don't wanna make a bad impression turning up half dead/hungover. Quite a few of us are at work in the morning though so I'll not be the only one taking it slow thank goodness. Just watched the new trailer for Harry Potter, (I'm a Harry Potter botter!) and it looks amazing! Take a look if you, like me, like a bitta Potter. x


  1. hey, good luck with the new job. also excited for the harry potter movie! nice blog, btw. :)

  2. thankyou! it went okay thankfully. and thanks. :) x


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